Monday, February 23, 2009

Benefits of Being a Farm Kid

Sat. I had a tray that needed taken back to the neighbor's house. I told Andy to take it over on the 4-wheeler. Well, it ended up that the 4-wheeler needed gas. Low and behold there was a tractor available for him to take. Thankfully there are no laws that I am aware of about a 12 year old driving a tractor on the road. The tray was taken back and I was able to continue fixing the noon day meal. It was my dad's "borrowed" tractor, I told dad that it wouldn't be long and I could send him to Wal-Mart to fetch the groceries.

Ryan on the other hand, had a farm kid experience with a stray animal. Apparently he found a bird with a broken wing. He found a live animal trap and made this bird a home complete with a heat light. He said that he went down to the gluten pile and got some gluten for it's food. The bird lived until sometime Sat. night when it when home to be with God. Ryan said that the bird must not have liked the food that he provided. Now he is wanting a pet like a gerbil, or a rabbit, something that we don't want him to have. We have told him that he has two dogs, numerous wild barn cats, and almost 200 cows. For some reason that just isn't enough for the little lad. Soon it will be calving season and there is always is a bottle fed calf or two that we end up with here at the house. He doesn't realize how lucky he is that he gets to go out twice a day and feed cattle when there are other children that have no pets at all! This week it was a bird next week it will be something different. That is one thing about living on a farm, each day is never the same as another.

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