Monday, February 9, 2009

10 Favorite Things About Rachel

I am going to devote this blog to Rach today. She left early this a.m. for Honduras, a trip of a lifetime. I decided that as I was missing her I would list 10 of my favorite things about my one and only daughter.

1. She is my only daughter.
2. She is determined in her quest for life, she already knows she wants to be a vet.
3. She loves Jesus dearly.
4. She loves the color pink and still likes to play with her American Girl dolls.
5. She is a tomboy, she doesn't mind getting dirty and helping out on the farm.
6. She shows swine and cattle at the fair.
7. She is a daddy's girl.
8. She is VERY helpful around the house.
9. She loves to read and to write. She will write pages in her journal.
10. Since she is the middle child she is a peacemaker.
11. I just love her to pieces!!

Have fun in Honduras Rachie Girl. Love, Mom


  1. Aunt Sue Sue's favorite things about Rachel
    1. She is my only neice.
    2. She is always smiling.
    3. She loves my yeast rolls.
    4. She likes to wear new pajamas every
    5. She definitly is a peacemaker.
    6. She loves animals.
    7. She always gives me lots of hugs.
    8. She is beatiful inside and out.
    9. She can give the boys a run for their
    Love Aunt Susan

  2. Mrs. Beez's favorite things about Rachel:
    1. She will carry on an interesting conversation with you.
    2. She is very curious.
    3. She has beautiful eyes.
    4. She doesn't let those boys get away with a thing.
    5. She is not afraid of hard work.
    6. She loves the songs I love.
    7. She is cheerful and brightens up any room she is in.
    8. She has a good sense of humor.
    9. She loves being a farm girl.
    10. She is brave. Many people never go to a 3rd world country in their whole life

    I'm proud of you Rachel!