Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wow, It Has Been Almost A Year

Could that be true?  Are you shocked that I am alive and writing?  Me too.  My mom has told me that my aunts want me to write again, here you go...  I will give you the short version for this post and as time allows, I will catch you up with all the details of most of the past year.  I will probably start with the summer and go from there.  What can I say, life is just busy.  There were so many times I thought "I really could post about this on the old blog..."  I just never had/took the time to do it.  The last time I wrote was last fall.  Fall turned into winter, winter to spring, then summer and now we are knocking on the door of fall again.  I will catch you up on the highlights of the summer, some good (cattle shows, vacation, fair) and the bad (drought, drought, drought).  I would also like to explain the working side of the farm.  With the drought we have been cutting silage to feed the cows.  I want to explain why we cut silage, how we cut it, and how we store it.  We have been getting a lot of questions with the drought.  Again, I kept thinking, if this were on my blog people could check it out.

Okay, now that you know I can still type, I will leave you for a bit.  Not as long as the last time, but for a day or two. 


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cows 2, Dave 0

Yes, Dave got into it with a cow again.  A mama cow this time.  According to the kids, he was tagging a new calf and the mama got a little physical with him.  He is okay just bruised and in some pain.  I told him that if he were on a team with the cows he is loosing!  He didn't find much humor in that.  The cow head-butted him in the chest and might have step on his leg.  The kids were with him, Andy got out to distract the cow and try to get it away from him. 

Several years ago my father-in-law got beat up by a cow trying to tag a calf.  He ended up going to the emergency room.  He was okay but really banged up. 

Dumb cows....

I did get the house cleaned today.  The laundry is nearly caught up.  I still need to spray for spiders.  Rachel won't go to the basement without tall boots because of them.  They are those big brownish/black spiders.  They don't do anything except run really fast.  Tis the season for them. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Harvest Is Moving On

Well the guys are still at it.  They have been out of the fields for a couple of days here and there but they are making great progress.  Monday night Dave said that he would be out late.  It was 3:00 a.m. when he finally got home.  They normally don't work that late, but it was suppose to rain and they wanted to finish the field they were in.  There has been some down corn, that makes the process more tedious. 

Rachel is finishing up soccer this weekend.  She has her tournament to play on Sunday and that will be it for this year.  The boys are keeping busy with chores on the farm.  All of the kids have their 4-H calves and have been working with them when they can. 

I hope to take pictures of my "cleaning cart" this weekend and post about it.  Stay tuned...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saving Money Tips and Tricks

Have you watched TLC's show "Extreme Couponers"?  That show is just crazy.  Here are some of the questions that go through my head when I watch it:

1.  What store actually lets people do this kind of shopping?

2.  Is it staged like other shows?

3.  Do you really need that much of one item?

I am all about couponing but I think that this show is not even a smidge close to reality.
I have a small stock pile in my basement that fits on four plastic shelves.  We are actually out of toothpaste right now.  There is no store in my area that will allow you to shop and use coupons like the ones shown on "Extreme Couponer". 

When I first started couponing several years ago, local stores were still doing the "triple" coupon deal.  I have been able to get really good deals in the past, but it seems that coupon policies are getting stricter and you have to read the fine print and make sure all you T's are crossed while doing your shopping to get the best deals.  My advice is to print off the current store policies and read through them to make sure you understand what they will and will not accept.  Other coupon sites suggest taking this along with you on your shopping trips.  It will make it easier when you have a cashier that may not be familiar with the store's policy. 

Our local Wal-Mart will match competitor's prices.  I live 45 mins. from the nearest Meijer and Menard's so I just take in the ad and they will match the prices.  (The Meijer ad I have to print off, it doesn't come in our Sunday paper). 

I may only get a few good deals a week, and build my supply slowly, but really can a family of five use 200 bottles of body wash?  Give away what you can or won't use.  There is always a need no matter where you live.

I also encourage you to do your couponing honestly.  Don't try to work the system.  Enjoy the feeling of saving money by being honest.   Keeping your cool while couponing will help out also.  Don't get mad at the cashier if they aren't familiar with the policy.  You can always calmly ask for the store manager to be called to clarify any questions.  (This would be a good time to pull out your current store policy that you printed off).

Have fun couponing and saving money!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can Time Fly Any Faster?

I can't believe that it is almost October!  I need to get some decorating done outside to welcome in the fall season.  The guys have been working in the fields when the weather permits them to.  We went so long without rain and now that they need to get the crops out it keeps raining.  Not a lot, just a little here and there.  I finally turned on the furnace tonight to knock the chill out of the air in the house. 

Other news is that I finally broke down and got a smart phone.  I ended up with an Infuse Android phone.  I waited on it to go on sale.  The man at the store had my name and called me the day the price dropped.  My other phone has been about to quit for some time.  I couldn't decide at first if I wanted a smart phone or not.  I finally realized that I could do a lot with a smart phone.  I decided to go with the Android rather than an iPhone because I heard that you are limited to what Apple lets you do.  I have only had it for a week and I like it so far.  I am looking into grocery store apps that will keep a list, make a price chart, and do other things.  If anyone has any good apps that they know of, let me know.  I am trying to stick to the free ones.  I still am not a texting girl, I just can't see paying that kind of money.  One day maybe I will change, but for now I am a non-texter.

It is getting late, I need to get to bed.  Hope you are all staying warm and dry!    

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Did You Think I Was Ever Coming Back????

Oh how time flies!  When I started this blog I thought I would write everyday and post pictures and type up recipes and, and, and....   And then life happen.  I am sorry that I neglected you for so long.  I doubt anyone will even read this because I have been absent for so long.  I can't say that I blame you.  It seems like after David got hurt I was doing more to help him keep up on the feeding and then the kids started working their animals for 4-H and needed help and this just kinda got left in the dust. 

So here we are and it is September.  Another school year has started.  Andy is a freshman, Rachel an eighth grader, and Ryan is now in public school as a sixth grader.  We have settled into a routine of school and soccer.  Rachel is playing on a travel team this fall.  She is hoping to play in high school next year. 

David and the guys started harvest yesterday.  I am excited about that because now my Internet is soooo much faster.  They corn had gotten so tall that it was blocking the signal.  We really only had a short period of time during the day that the stars would align right and it would work.  I am a very happy girl today as I surfed the net.  (That was also another reason I didn't blog, it took forever to do anything on the Internet!!!) 

So, there you have it in a nut shell where I have been.  I will be back, maybe not everyday, but I will try for once a week.  Hope you all are having a great start to your Fall!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kicked By A Bull

Our house has been quite busy since I last wrote.  We made it through the cleaning frenzy and I had enough stuff to have a garage sale.  I decided to have it on June 10th, it was right before Rachel was to leave for vet camp at Purdue.  I thought that it would be nice to "bond" with her over the garage sale.  Her idea of bonding was to sit inside the house where the air was on and watch TV.  She did go out with Dave in the afternoon to help him work bulls and take them around to their "girls".  Around 4:30 she called and said that I needed to come down to the farm where they were that David had been kicked in the face by a bull.  I couldn't leave so I sent my dad and the boys to go and check on him.  He did get kicked in the face and we ended up at the emergency room.  They had to call a specialty surgeon in to sew him back up.  He was lucky that it didn't do more damage.  He looks really good for having 20 stitches.  It cut him between the eyes and right above his right eye, just below the brow.  Thankfully Rachel was with him and she was very brave and helpful.

Rachel went to Boiler Vet Camp on the 12th and we picked her up the following Sat.  She had a lot of fun and learned a lot.  They had a "white coat" graduation at the end.  She met a friend that only lives about an hour from us.  We might try to meet up with them before the end of summer. 

Andy is still trudging along in summer PE.  They walk to the park pool on Tues. and Thurs. and swim for four hours.  He is enjoying it.

Ryan hasn't done anything really exciting this summer.  He is missing his best friend Alina.  He ask almost daily if she can come over.  She has been busy, but soon we will get them together.

That pretty much sums up our life at the moment.  Hope you are having great summer days!